Business Solutions

About us.

Comtec was founded out of necessity. We looked at an over crowded space, which provided "piece by piece" solutions, forcing clients to fish around for "compatible" service providers. We realised this is why most companies suffer from security issues, clunky unfinished solutions and wasting money on forcing systems that just do not work. So we came up with "HyperFusion"© - a combination of revolutionary cloud based INFRASTRUCTURE (hardware, software) and CPE - that allows for anything to work with anything. Combine this with our MANAGEMENT SERVICES, and we will revolutionise your business. Nothing is impossible.

We are a business solutions company, driven by smart and efficient business process and systems innovation, experienced in and focused on the multimedia and communications electronic industries.

Our team has:

Over 60 years of business experience.

business experience With over 60 years of focused business experience, we know what to look for and where strengths, opportunities as well as weakness and threats lie and how to plot a course for the success of your business.

A multitude of skills in all areas of technology.

Mikrotik RB 4011 We know how to apply the right technology to your business needs, through innovative design and processes. Bringing a technology-centric business into the future – that’s what we do!

Dedication to perfection.

Unifi AP AC LR We do it right, all the time… We strive for perfection in everything we do.

Passion about improving processes and work flows.

Surveillance Equipment We are passionate about change and improvement. We take great pride in finding processes and workflows that could be improved. Every step with us is a step in the right direction.