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We provide Voice, Data and Video specialised platforms for Small, Medium and Large Enterprises. The way only "HyperFusion"© can.

  • Cloud-based audio and video solutions to fit any business, big or small, we've got you covered.
  • Cloud-based storage designed for archive, active or NVME arrays, no matter the application we can accommodate your needs.
  • Cloud-based recording of VoIP and CCTV to fit into any structured environment, imagine all your data safe from risks and easily accessible to you at all times from anywhere.
  • Cloud-based PBX as a service. Connected no matter where you are, allowing for call recording and transfers to absolutely anyone, anywhere!
  • A single, integrated business voice, video and data solution (one System, one Solution), a solution that saves you money on the overall cost of your voice, video and data systems – combining Connectivity, Data and Storage capability. What we do is…

  • Analyse your current voice, video and data requirements and costs.
  • Propose a solution that offers you an integrated solution – based on your requirements.
  • Install and test the solution.
  • Offer finance services, if required.
  • Provide warranty services.
  • Provide training on use of devices.
  • Provide on-site and remote maintenance and support.
  • Provide upgrades when your business grows.
  • Provide one monthly bill that includes all voice, video and data services.
  • Our Voice, Video and Data Solutions offer the following KEY BENEFITS:

  • NO infrastructure to maintain.
  • Short time to install and set up.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Cost-effective and affordable.
  • Future proof.
  • Basic network diagram.
    network Diagram


    Set Top Box (STB)

    Over the top TV:

    Skyworth set top box We offer a range of STB products, including DVB-S2, DVB-T2, DVB-C, IPTV, and Hybrid DVBx/IP.

    Internet Access Device (IAD)

    Mikrotik RB4011:

    Mikrotik RB 4011 Incredibly versatile, affordable and reliable, the Mikrotik RB4011 is the go to choice for any industry serious about its connectivity to the internet, boasting enterprise levels of performance and passive cooling means you get high end functionality at low end costs. Made of the finest materials and constructed to the highest level of quality, this IAD will not let you down. Bring your business into the golden age of 10Gbps connectivity and enjoy every step.

    "Smart" Devices


    Surveillance Equipment Have peace of mind knowing your family and possessions are safe with this one of a kind, smart surveillance setup. Highly scalable and incredibly high quality, this system will constantly remind you that it was the best choice to make. This all in one system ties seamlessly together allowing for smoke sensors and CCTV, panic buttons, dynamic door viewers, and mobile app allowing the system to be managed from one unified manager and all that data can be viewed from anywhere, anytime.



    Unifi AP AC LR Is a high-end DECT phone that has an attractive 2.4" 240x320 pixel color screen in addition to having a battery that can handle around 30 hours of talk time and up to 400 hours of standby time.

    Network Connectivity

    Unifi AP AC LR:

    Unifi AP AC LR Like a UFO this devices hovers over head, but instead of abducting you, it provides you with class leading AC WiFi connecting you to the world at lightning fast speeds. Fully compatible with older 2.4Ghz devices you'll never be left without connectivity. Offering cloud management this device can be fully managed from anywhere in the world and works well in pairs, team him up with a second device for effortless roaming and incredible coverage.

    Management Services

    Through our vast experience and deep knowledge of the MULTIMEDIA and TELECOMMUNICATIONS business environments, with its associated PRODUCT development and management, international MARKETS, SUPPLY CHAIN operations, MANUFACTURING of electronic devices, and SALES management, we provide SMART, INNOVATIVE Management Services Solutions.

    Our clients can expect:

  • Solutions to complex market and product related problems.
  • Reduction in operational and capital costs.
  • Streamlined operations in complex business environments.
  • Our areas of expertise:

  • Strategic and Commercial Management Services.
  • Sales and Operations Planning and Management Services.
  • Product Management Services.
  • Program & Project Management Services.
  • Partners and Suppiers