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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We offer object and facial recognition that we combine, with other key building blocks, to offer solutions that cater for mobile network, transport logistics, smart city and security businesses. With an advanced team of technology and software experts at our disposal, and a proven AI Platform based on Computer Vision. We are constantly developing new features and capabilities to cater for an ever evolving industrial and commercial environment.

Data Security

We offer a full suite of data and network security solutions.

  • DDoS Detection / Mitigation.
  • Global Secure Internet Gateway Services.
  • Web Application Firewall.
  • Web Security / Virtual Proxy.
  • Managed Authentication.
  • Email Security / Anti-spam.
  • Vulnerability Management Services.
  • Advanced Malware Protection.
  • Managed Security & Event Management.
  • Geospatial information Systems (GIS)

    We offer leading digital geospatial and engineering services covering the Forestry, Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Utilities, Mining, Oil & Gas and Transportation industries. Our services include Photogrammetry, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), Mobile Mapping, Smart Cities, Data Conversion, 3D Laser Scanning, Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Location Content – Navigation.

    Asset Tracking & Monitoring

    With a track-record of over ten years of design, development and implementation of our comprehensive asset tracking and monitoring products and solutions, we cater for Fuel Monitoring, Fleet Management, Transport Logistics Management, Transport Management, Travel Bus Tracking, Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring and Sales Force Tasking & Management.

    Internet of Things (IoT)

    Our IoT solutions cater for the security and transportation markets as well as infrastructure monitoring to enable proactive interventions as and when these are required. The IoT platform integrates most camera products and other IoT devices to allow for advanced solutions to monitor security at sensitive infrastructure sites and buildings.


    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    Supplied by Rio-Medical

    We supply high quality, affordable personal protective equipment (PPE) from Rio Medical, Switzerland. Rio Medical has access to a number of factories and suppliers around the world for PPE and Rio Medical manages the entire supply chain from manufacturing, packaging, shipment, clearing and local distribution into your warehouse. No hassles, just efficiency...

    Facial Recognition & Thermal Sensing (FRTS)

    Supplied by Digimediacom

    Our Facial Recognition & Thermal Sensing (FRTS) devices, from DIGIMEDIACOM Italy, are state of the art Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled devices with built-in thermal sensing that integrates into most access control systems. We offer further integration with attendance, payroll, and CRM.

    Safety & Security

    Supplied by Digimediacom

    We offer a highly efficient and effective safety and security solution that integrates with our mobile application to allow group monitoring. The system further integrates with our software platform which allows access and monitoring by private security companies for complete peace of mind. Widely used in Italy for monitoring the elderly and normal households.

    Ozone Sanitization Equipment

    Supplied by Sanity System Italy

    The Sanity System, Italy, Ozone generation machines are a world leading set of products that cater for the sanitization of small, medium and large areas, killing all bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi. The Sanity System products are in use in many countries and organizations and is the ideal product to fight the current COVID-19 pandemic.

    About Us

    We are a business solutions company!

    Driven by smart and efficient business processes and systems innovation, experienced in and focused on the industrial and commercial markets that include mobile telecoms, smart city, retail, transportation & logistics, mining, production, security & access control, and fire detection. Everything we do, we do with a customer in mind – always - throughout the entire process of understanding our customer’s requirements, to delivering extraordinary business solutions, and services... For a broader view, please download our company profile PDF

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    Stay Home, Stay Safe!

    COVID-19 is an unprecedented global issue, find out how we can help with contactless interaction, facial and number plate recognition access control and thermal target identification and screening. Please contact us for any further information on protecting your staff, customers and business. South Africa now in 21 day nationwide lockdown.

    Comtec COVID-19 Statement Visit sacoronavirus.co.za

    Our Core

    Our approach

    We believe in partnering with our customers, we believe in the abilities of our experienced team, and we believe in an inclusive approach to solving business problems.

    Our core views

    We believe in sharing our successes with our partners and reward their loyalty and we believe that all relationships should benefit each partner equally.

    Our history

    Our team specialises in the industrial and commercial business sectors, having more than 35 years combined business experience in consumer devices, systems and related products design

    Our direction

    Our solutions are underpinned by our deep business knowledge and experience that is focused on business strategy, commercial, finance and operations solutions.

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